Man Cave Essential – Beer Glassware and Tap Display

What does every man cave in Colorado need?  A great way to display his beer paraphernalia!

A friend of mine approached me to make a wall hanging to display her husband’s glassware and taps as a birthday gift.  Honestly, it almost didn’t make it to him because it looked so good on my wall.

Design: My friend took all the measurements at her house and emailed me the notes, drawings and details.  I didn’t have to do any design work on this one.  Cost saver!

Note: The shelves are four-inches deep (basically enough to hold glasses and not much more).

Materials: This is where I had some fun. My church got rid of it’s mahogany pews a couple of years ago and I have been gathering up parts and scraps found in the dark dusty corners of our old church ever since.  I ripped down some pieces to use as the frame and shelves.

My gym remodeled it’s entryway area and I was able to pick up some of the “trash” pieces including a long plywood “desktop.”  I cut this down and used it as the backing.

Construction:  Using salvaged parts from a church and a gym seemed to be the ironic perfect fit to assemble this wall hanging. The hardest part of this project was locating the bolts for the taps.  After all the research, buying and returning parts, here are the bolts I picked up.

The construction is as straight forward as it looks.  Measure, line up, pre drill, countersink, paint, stain, glue, screw and clamp.  Let everything dry and boom: man cave amazing-ness.

This thing was heavy with all the glassware and taps, so I wanted to use an over engineered mounting system.  For this, I used a french cleat system along the whole back top.  The french cleat allows the hanging to hang on multiple studs across the wall.



Final product: Displays glasses and taps as well as a motivational chalk board. Happy Birthday!

I think the results speak for themselves.  This thing looks pretty good on my wall and taking it down to hand over was a little … painful.

Lessons Learned: many times, customers have better ideas than you do!

Wall hangings can be heavy, plan accordingly.  Brad nails won’t work for everything.

Always stage with things you can replace (just in case something happens you don’t want to break something you will never be able to replace). – Learned the hard way!

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