Birdhouse Night Light – Part One

I’m weird.  I’m a man with a Pinterest account.  So what, deal with it.

I am in the driver seat in my family’s boards and pins.  That was until my wife went and got pregnant.  One little fetus and all the sudden “my boards just aren’t good enough” and she now has all the interest in what’s on Pinterest.  A new, previously unsanctioned Nursery board was born before we knew the gender, let alone made an official announcement to Facebook.  Whoops!  Marking something private is important!

One of the many cool, cute and funky things my wife found was an article on BuzzFeed about the 41 Coolest Night Lights to Buy or DIY.  Number 1 on the list is a “Baby Birdhouse Lamp” to which I said, “I can DIY that.”  Never tell a pregnant woman you can do something for her nursery unless you mean it.

Inspiration:  Buzzfeed comes through with something more than an entertaining distraction.  Etsy supplies even more ideas.

41 Coolest Night Lights - #1 on the list are these Bird Houses.

41 Coolest Night Lights – #1 on the list are these Bird Houses.

Design: This may not be a new idea to you, put too much information and inspiration can really bog down a project.  If you search Pintrest, Google or anywhere else on the internet for “Birdhouse Nightlight,” you will be able to set your eyes upon hundreds of different designs, colors, shapes and sizes.  Paring those options down in a real chore, especially when working with a pregnant spouse’s vision for her first daughter’s nursery (love you honey!)

One lesson learned from a previous project is: when you can build one, you should build two.  So I messed around with the design a little bit and made another one in the process.

From all of the images online, I decided on a couple of design concepts.

1) Basic design measurements.  It would be 8″-wide and 12″-tall and 4″-thick (which is just enough room for the lightbulb fixture).

2) I didn’t want a straight up and down house style, so I would chop at least an inch from either side of the bottom.  The only question is where the waist line should be?  Here are the three options, I came up with:

1) Pear Shaped:


Pear shaped: waist line is 4″ up from the bottom. Fat bottom girls make the rocking world go ’round!

2) Geometric shaped (halfsies):


Geo style: waist is at 6″ up from bottom. Boring.

3) Apple shaped:


Apple shaped: waist is 7.5″ from the bottom. More of a masculine shape, but still interesting. Trig is important people!

I only had enough material to make two of the designs, so I decided the apple and the pear were the top designs because of fruit-cuteness factor.

Note: apples and pears are also self-identifiers for women’s body shapes.  Emphasis on the SELF! Never try to call someone one of these shapes.  EVER.

Construction:  Figuring out the angles to all the cuts is when trigonometry comes in to play.  It required a little patience, but show your work (make your high-school teacher proud) and check everything before you make a cut.


Mitre Saw is pretty valuable for this project because you can set angles and get a straight line every time.

After the shapes are cut out, I placed the backer pieces up and glued and tacked them into place.  Then the base.  Then the roof.  All of these pieces were glued and tacked on quickly with only the side angles being the problem.

I added these lathe pieces I had laying around from the Little Free Library project to give a flourish to the roof, add to the cuteness factor and tie in a little of the front yard into the house.


I think the results speak for themselves on this one.  But I will say it anyway, both houses are pretty adorable.


The pear and apple sit side by side. Which one do you like? My wife went with the … PEAR. I’m going to give the apple shaped night light to a friend who’s due about month before us.

Next part is to add lights, paint and hang in the nursery.  Stay tuned until next week.

Lessons Learned: show your work.  Strive to make your high school and college professors proud people.  Everyday!

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2 thoughts on “Birdhouse Night Light – Part One

  1. Lanette on said:

    Dear Fellow Pinterest & Etsy Fanatic,

    I like the wifey’s choice too! Pear!

    Great job as always. Can’t wait to see the nursery when it is finished! Fun, creative & super special!

    Always Impressed,

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