Product Comparison: Painters’ Tape

I’m a big fan of painters tape, probably because I can’t cut-in, roll along a line or paint a straight line to save my life and need tape desperately.  The big box stores have side by side comparisons in the paint aisle, but I wanted to do it myself on an honest wall in an honest house and not a place trying to sling their most expensive tapes.  You know what I mean?

The Competitors

  1. HDX Painters Tape (0.94″ x 60 yrd $3.53),
  2. EdgeLock Blue Tape (0.94″ x 60 yrd $5.87),
  3. Blue Tape (1.41″ x 60 yrd $5.93), and
  4. Yellow Frog Tape (1.41″ x 60 yrd $6.97).

The Battle Royal
The tale of the tape!

Below is how all the matches were conducted: side by side using the same type of paint: Glidden with the same set up seal time.  I tried to run a fair match up with as little differences between the two contestants.


Comparisons were done on wall and outline swatches for a new room (blame the multitude of colors on my indecisive spouse).  On the left HDX (cheapest) up against the Yellow Frog Tape (most expensive).

First up, #1 vs. #4 – the most expensive, Yellow Frog Tape, up against the cheapest, HDX Painters Tape (see above for placement of tapes).


Results are the inside grey lines. Yellow Frog Tape won!

Head to head, the Yellow Frog tape beat the HDX outright.  Surprisingly, the cheapest tape performed better than I expected.

Next up: the winner, Yellow Frog Tape vs. the usual suspect Blue Painters Tape.


Blue Painters Tape vs Yellow Frog Tape

Yellow Tape wins again!  I use this Blue Painters Tape all of the time, so I was exacerbated at the results.  Maybe it was user error or the fact it was an old roll of tape, but it lost outright.

Next up: Yellow Frog Tape vs. Blue Edgelock Tape.  This one is the true championship in my book.  Both tapes are in the same cost-point and both have performed for me in the past.


Blue Edgelock Tape vs. Yellow Frog Tape. The picture shows it all!

Champion: Yellow Frog Tape!!!

Although the Yellow Frog Tape won as clear and sharp a victory as the lines it leaves behind, Edgelock is a good product and should not be discounted.  If you need sharp lines in a room design (al a chevrons or doppler lines), then I would go with / am going to go with Yellow Frog Tape.  It crushed all other tapes and impressed me all the way through the line up.

Final Thoughts: After the swatches were completed and the colors picked, we painted the room.  I used the Yellow Frog tape in the vital areas (moulding, around the window wells, etc) and I used blue tape on the ceiling, mostly because it was the widest tape I had.

In Reality Test: after the test results were in, it was time for some real-life application.  We are having our first daughter this summer, so we “had to” redo our guest room to make it a nursery (see paint swatches above).

The Yellow Tape performed as above: straight lines, clear / clean edges and easy to apply.  The downsides: pulling up the tape it can rip into thin plastic strips which are difficult to remove.

The Edge Lock Blue Tape performed better than above.  We used it on the moulding and along the window wells.  It was easily applied, provided clean edges and protected everything we put it on.  The downsides were minimal and I would use this product again.

The Blue Tape performed as it had in the past, it protected the ceiling well with moderately straight edges.  There were no clear downsides I noticed this time around.


Results: One wall in the nursery and the crib full of early presents and fun stuff.


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