Product review: Rustoleum Never Wet

Since the day I saw the first YouTube video of this product, I have been itching to use it, albeit not on my clothes. I bought it on first sight!

I have been waiting for an opportunity to jump in with both feet (and stay dry), but boots seemed too obvious. I have been building a Little Free Library for my wife (post is coming) and the roof begs for some NeverWet. The library will be outside year-round and will need to keep all of the books dry through rain, sleet and snow.

The roof is made of individual wood shakes which were stained and then coated in multiple layers of polyurethane. Here’s how it performs before the NeverWet is applied:


The stain performs okay.  Not too shabby, but beads of water stick around and smear when a breeze comes.  I am hoping NeverWet will (literally) hop off the roof.


Product use:

The treatment is easy enough, one coat of Step 1 and multiples of Step 2. Reading the instructions (which I highly recommend, but hardly ever do, so this speaks to just how excited I am about this product), it states to “wait 30 minutes before getting wet.” I first thought it sees ridiculous that people couldn’t wait to get this stuff wet. I can now see why they had to put that in there because I REALLY want to douse this stuff immediately upon treating the roof.

Here is what the roof does now:


Water, quite literally, hops off the roof now.  Water behaves in ways I have never seen.  It’s pretty amazing to watch because it acts different than you would expect and have seen a million times before.  I showed the half dozen friends, neighbors and strangers who happen to come by the shop today.  It’s cool looking, for sure.


The water mostly runs off the roof, but the water which ends up sticking around (approx. 1%) beads up on the wood shingles.  They bead up to almost a complete sphere.  All I have to do now is lightly breathe on them and they run all the way down off the roof.  Perfect.


The only downside to this product is barely visible, it gave a hazy clear finish to the little free library (which I tried to show in the picture above, but it’s difficult to observe unless in sunlight).  My wife couldn’t even spot it after I pointed it out, but I know it’s there.  The benefits outweigh the frosty glossy look it has now.

Pros: it’s easy to apply, affordable, functions perfectly well on top of being fun to watch function.

Cons: it leaves a glossy, hazy finish.

Overall: the product is amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to keep something dry which may become wet.  I will be using it again for sure and that is the best gauge or what I thought of it.

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