Pickle that wood!

So, after I finished the stained Colorado flag, my wife showed it off to her friends and the comments rolled in. One comment I agreed with and wanted to try out.  What was that?  To pickle this thing!

What is pickling?  Well, pickling was big in the 50’s and is making a comeback recently.  Basically, it is staining wood white using a water-based stain (see link here for what I used).  Interesting concept, right?

Here is the side by side:

Side by side

It added some to the whiteness of the white part of the flag.  Since it’s water-based, the stain takes a little to soak into the wood.  If it were a more porous wood (i.e. oak), it would soak in a little deeper.

Here is what the whole thing looks like:20140514-175745.jpg

The white makes the red and gold look… more red and gold.

Overall, I don’t really like it too much.  I think the natural color was more woody and less pickled.  One of the major (if not only) drawback to whitewashing was re-taping and then staining over the tape.  The wood bled all over the blue and now there are twice as many bleeds.


I hate bleeds!

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One thought on “Pickle that wood!

  1. Lanette on said:

    I actually love the pickling! It makes for a cleaner look and I like the contrast and variation of colors in the final outcome. Nice job!

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