Wine and Biscuits

Later this month, my wife and I are headed to sunny Southern California to visit my family.  It has been too long since our last visit, so there are a lot of gifts, presents, and appreciation to bring with us.  My brother recently married a wonderful woman whom happens to love wine.  What happens when a man loves a woman who loves something?  Love (and the woman) usually metamorphose the man into a lover of that very same thing.  Therefore my brother now loves wine.

Bird one: Sister-in-law’s birthday.

Bird two: Long overdo wedding present.

Bird three: Long overdo gift to love on brother.

Three birds, one bench.

Side-story: I recently took in a run-down-old park bench which needed to be totally redone.  The wood was aged, grayed and breaking apart at the screws connecting the wood to the metal.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to salvage those bench slats, but I hung onto them until I could make something completely different.  A wine bottle carrier is that completely different.

I love and follow Meriwether of Montana, they do fantastic work.  If you don’t know them, stop here and check them out.  They make a wine bottle carrier, which is awesome by the way, and have been relishing an opportunity to make something similar.  This seems to be the perfect opportunity to get rid of the relish!


Meriwether Wine Holder

Here we go!  I grabbed the old bench slats to make into the wine holder.


I processed some of the pieces before I took this picture, but the ones on the right are untouched.  The gray weathered look is awesome, but I wanted to stain it, so I had to sand it off (which breaks my heart to ruin something Mother Nature took so long to accomplish).  I took my orbital sander to the pieces to make the pine so fresh and so clean.


I believe in real life measurements (and we just had a party, so empty wine bottles were easy to come by).  The spacing was made using the dowel in the picture.  I made some changes to the inspiration by making the carrier a six-pack because if two is good, more must be better!

You may be asking why “Wine and Biscuits?”  I have been dabbling with the idea of purchasing a biscuit cutter (a.k.a. a plate joiner) to help with construction of some of the projects I have planned out.  Fortunately, I have a friend with one.  I am a firm believer in the practice of not buying too many tools (especially when you have friends you can borrow stuff from).  I wanted to give the biscuit cutter a go and this was perfect way to see how strong the bonds are and if the look, or rather the appearance of NO nails or screws, are worth it.  You be the judge.


The biscuit cutter slices a small hole in which a biscuit is inserted and bridges all three pieces of wood (the biscuit is included) and sealed or joined with wood glue.  It provides an amazingly strong bond.  I must admit, I am impressed.


My usual go-to tools in joining wood is a brad nailer (basically a small nail gun) or screws.  The raw look the biscuit cutter provides is clean, feels strong and easy.  I loaded up the holder with wine and beer to see if it would fail right out of the gate.  I walked around swinging it (as my nephew or a slightly tipsy person imitating Dorthy through the poppy field may do) and thankfully it held up.  In hind sight, swinging six glass bottles of liquid around carpet and hardwood is not a wise idea it turns out.

Next up, stain.  Since it’s a wine carrier, I figured I would stain it with wine.

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